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We make web-based games in that will help build your brand, increase brand recognition or promote your product. Our games add an element of fun to your website. They increase stickiness by keeping visitors at your site longer, and make it more likely for them to come back.

We can custom design a game to your exact needs, or we can build on one of our already developed game engines. In either case the game will be customized to your brand, giving it a look and feel that best represents your needs. We also develop systems for high scores, user authentication, and user tracking to give added dimensions to the overall game experience.   


Try our updated Mahjong Solitaire for Android

We have made some pretty big changes and improvements to our Mahjong Solitaire for Android recently, so if you haven't checked it out lately, please give it a try.  Let us know what you think, and if you enjoy it please take a minute to share your thoughts in a Play Store user review.


We are currently testing a new multiplayer challenge mode, so stay tuned for some more big updates soon!  We will also be launching an HTML5 browser based version in the near future, and hope to bring the game to more platforms.

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by Michael

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Mahjong for Android Updated

We have updated our Android beta version of our Mahjong game in the Play Store.  The game now includes personal achievement tracking of your best result on each level, in game registration and login, new levels, and a host of other improvements.

We are getting closer to our first full release, and welcome everyone to give it a try.



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Mahjong for Android

We are continuing to update our Mahjong Android App beta, and are getting closer to a first full version. While it doesn't have all the features and interface refining we have planned, it should be functional and fun, so please check it out!


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by Michael

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